More About Dr. Loretta

More About Dr. Loretta

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Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, MD, FAAD, is a highly sought-after board-certified dermatologist with over 40 years of experience. Dr. Loretta believes that it’s time to expand the concept of “photoaging” to encompass incidental exposure to all four of the distinct external factors that cause skin to age – pollution, light, climate and irritants. Thus, she developed the concept of Skin Unexposed as a new paradigm to achieve more youthful skin.

Focusing on how to improve the skin of these exposed areas, she gathered research and found compelling evidence that it’s not only the sun, but in fact four external factors that together contribute to 85% of often correctable and preventable skin aging.

As a dermatologist, Dr. Loretta’s passion is helping women feel confident at every age. Having performed tens of thousands of total body exams, Dr. Loretta  recognized the stark contrast between the skin of frequently exposed areas of the body, like the face, and the skin of areas more commonly covered by clothing. Conventional dermatology attributed this difference in exposed and unexposed skin predominantly to photo aging from UVA and UVB light. But now, after decades of research and experience, Dr. Loretta is ready to present a new paradigm in skin aging: Skin Unexposed®.

Dr. Loretta found that there are four external factors that cause 85% of the damage and changes to our skin: Pollution, Light, Climate and Irritants.Dr. Loretta created the one skincare system that protects against the factors contributing to aging. 

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