Discover Dr. Loretta: Your New Favorite Skincare Expert

Discover Dr. Loretta: Your New Favorite Skincare Expert

Board-certified dermatologist, avid researcher and pioneer, Dr. Loretta is passionate about helping people feel beautiful (and confident) at any age — and with a career spanning more than 40 years, she has never stopped searching for new ways to pursue that goal.


I  have a very positive outlook on skin aging. I’m convinced, both as a longstanding dermatologist and a woman in my 60’s, that we can age very well… both preventing and correcting some of the unwanted ‘stigmata’ of aging skin, like lines and wrinkles, age spots, rough texture and uneven pigment.”


Her journey started at Harvard Medical School’s dermatology laboratories, where she studied the effects of UVA on human skin and helped develop the now widely-used Fitzpatrick Skin Type scale. She went on to establish her own successful dermatology practice, earn the title of Chief of Cosmetic Dermatology, and revolutionize anti-aging with her groundbreaking Skin Unexposed® paradigm. 


Finally, she decided to use her expertise to launch her own line of Dr. Loretta products, because high-quality protective skincare is the first and best defense against the appearance of premature aging. Each and every formula has been designed to meet the highest standard: her own daily routine. 


“I’ve been formulating solutions for other skincare professionals since 1993, so you can imagine that I only use my own products! I just turned 65, and my skin isn’t all that different than it was 20 years ago.”


There’s more to skincare than using the best products, however. At her dermatology practice, Dr. Loretta works with thousands of patients a year, discovering firsthand the questions, concerns, and challenges we all face with our skin. She wants to do even more to help — that’s why she’s excited to share her expert advice with you each month in the Dr. Loretta blog.


“Everybody deserves to feel beautiful (and confident) in their own skin, but many people don’t get the chance to consult one-on-one with a dermatologist. Through my blog, I’ll give you all of my best skincare tips… so you can find your best skin without setting foot in my office. ”


Dr. Loretta with patient in Aventura, FL

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