Skin Unexposed

The Difference Between Exposed vs. Unexposed Skin

Skin damage is insidious. When we’re younger — in our teens and 20s — most of the harm done to our skin remains invisible. As we age, however, the signs start becoming more noticeable. By our 40s and 50s, people who kept their skin protected from the Four Factors look visibly younger and healthier than those who left their skin exposed. Find out some of the differences below. 


                            EXPOSED SKIN                  vs               SKIN UNEXPOSED®






Thickened and stiff

Thin, supple

Rougher, bumpier

Soft and smooth

More dry and scaly


Better hydrated and vibrant







Sagging (loss of elasticity)

Tighter, more elastic

Lax (loss of collagen)

Plumper and firmer

Coarse wrinkling


Finer wrinkling









Increased redness and inflammation

Calmer with little-to-no redness

Many sun spots and freckles 

Few sun spots and freckles

Discolored, mottled

Bright and even 

Dull and sallow 


Luminous, almost transparent










More congested, pimple-prone 

Clearer and less congested

Increased spider veins and bruises

Fewer spider veins and bruises

More frequent benign growths

Less frequent benign growths

Higher likelihood of precancerous/cancerous lesions

Lower likelihood of precancerous/cancerous lesions


Here’s the good news: Smarter skincare can help prevent, and even reverse, many of the visible signs of premature aging — and it’s never too late to start. Try one of Dr. Loretta’s dermatologist-developed protective regimens to discover more beautiful skin at every age. 


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