The Routine That Fights 85% of Skin Aging

Scientific research has proven that keeping our skin unexposed to the external aggressors that damage it is the key to truly effective anti-aging. Unfortunately, your conventional skincare offers little coverage against the Four Factors that cause 85% of premature aging. So what does it take to maintain youthful skin? 

Based on 40 years of clinical practice and research, Dr. Loretta pinpointed the key building blocks of keeping Skin Unexposed®.


The ideal routine will accomplish three things:

  1. Detoxify - Gently cleanse the buildup of pollutants and irritants from your skin.
  2. Neutralize - Fight free radical damage created by light and environmental pollution. 
  3. Nourish & Protect - Replenish your skin’s defenses against climate, pollution, and light. 


Powerful ingredients are essential. 

Like most things in life, ingredients can make or break a skincare product. Protecting against the Four Factors means high quality science-backed ingredients only — potent medical-grade actives, unique clinically-proven antioxidants, and expertly-sourced pure natural extracts.

Equally important is what’s not in your skincare. Irritants are a major cause of aging damage and usually do more harm than good. 


The formulas must be clinically developed. 

You may see a desirable ingredient on a label, but that doesn’t always mean you’ll get the benefits. There’s a lot of science to skincare — to be truly effective, the ingredients need to be at the right concentrations, absorb properly into skin, and work well as a team. It takes a dermatologist-formulated product to get maximum visible results. 



Dr. Loretta created her own solutions.

Not a single skincare system on the market met the criteria, so Dr. Loretta spent years formulating and testing a curated line of anti-aging products. The result was revolutionary: one skincare system specifically designed to protect against the Four Factors and reverse the appearance of premature aging signs. 

The Dr. Loretta collection was the very first of its kind — and from the moment it launched, Dr. Loretta herself has trusted nothing else to keep her own skin protected and beautiful.  


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