“As a practicing dermatologist for over 40 years, I’ve always had a passion for understanding why our skin ages—and have dedicated my career to exploring how we can address key external factors like pollution, light, climate, and irritants.”

Loretta Ciraldo


Skincare for the real world.®

Dr. Loretta’s approach to skincare formulation is rooted in the skin aging exposome theory. This explains that a majority of skin aging changes are caused by exposure to real-world environmental aggressors and other influences, including stress, nutrition and sleep patterns.

Every Dr. Loretta product is formulated with high concentrations of proven actives and effective botanical ingredients to address the four key real-world factors we face each day:





Introducing the recycling program.

We've partnered with Pact to bring you a recycling program that actually works so you can rest assured your hard-to-recycle packaging is being diverted from landfill and processed properly. We're excited to offer this as a temporary solution while our team works on updating to fully recyclable packaging.

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