Dr. Loretta's Anti-Aging Repair Moisturizer, made with ingredients that defend from all four factors of aging (pollution, light, irritants, and climate), is a game-changer.
Although most dermatologists attribute skin aging only to the effects of the sun, through her clinical experience and research, Dr. Loretta found that the four main contributing factors are pollution, light, climate, and irritants.
Clean Beauty Products for Anti-Aging: This isn’t your usual rinse-and-go cleanser. You apply the detoxifying cleanser to your skin for 1-3 minutes. The result is cleaner skin, tighter pores, and a matte finish.
The Best Products for Effective Blackhead Removal: These medical grade peel pads help to exfoliate skin's surface, focusing on fine lines, pores, dark spots and blackheads.
This week's HBICs founded the amazing skincare line called Dr. Loretta. Their goal is very simple: keep skin protected from pollution, light, climate, and irritants. The products, on the other hand, rely on 40 years of dermatology experience.
The Skincare Products To Use In Your 40s: The oil and acne of your youth are gradually replaced by dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles, and a loss of elasticity — so, yeah, your skincare routine deserves an upgrade.
We can't control the climate, pollution or light, but we can fight their negative impact on skin with this plumping serum. The formula protects against free radical damage and restores moisture lost from dreary weather conditions. Vitamins E and F soothe facial redness.
I looked at my daily routine in a new, essentials-only light. What did I absolutely need or love? Here are the products I dubbed joy sparking.
Women are pressured to maintain their youthful look of their 20’s, but also raise kids and be a career woman at the same time! When we created the Dr. Loretta brand, we decided to promote all age groups and embrace Dr. Loretta’s philosophy and passion to encourage women to age confidently.
I’ve definitely seen a major improvement in the clarity, firmness, and radiance of my skin since putting Dr. Loretta’s products and expertise to work!
While the entire brand is dedicated to pollutants, this serum is a workforce for both reversing signs of aging while also brightening and boosting hydration and collagen production. It’s ideal to use morning and night to protect from both inside and outside pollution.
Dr. Loretta or Dr. Luxury? After applying the brand’s serum and moisturizer for the first time, I’m not sure I could tell you the difference.
The main focus of your morning routine should be hydration, plus setting the stage for the day with protection against whatever elements your skin is going to come into contact with.
Best Eye Cream for Puffiness: You can successfully deflate your under-eye bags and bloat with this gel. Algae peptides tighten itty-bitty lines and antioxidant Lipochroman protects your sensitive eye skin from pollution and UV, which lead to premature aging.
A very good choice for winter. Many cleansers strip your face; this will absolutely not do that. As a bonus: it has this jelly-like texture that makes it great for getting my makeup off.
The Tried-And-True Skin Care Gifts Our Editors Can't Live Without: I use them to get rid of any last bits of dead skin and make my skin a prime canvas for applying serums and moisturizers. My skin feels softer and looks more even.
Must-have winter skincare items: This is, without a doubt, my most cherished skincare item. It has literally saved my skin from dryness.
The Best Anti-Aging Moisturizers to Use Every Morning: These creams boast a ton of derm-approved ingredients to help you put your best face forward.
Opt for a gentle dose of the good stuff with Dr. Loretta's dermatologist formulated Firming Serum.
Brighten and even skin in one step. It works to firm your skin while evening your tone, creating bouncier and radiant skin that’s velvety smooth to the touch.
Grooming Awards: Best Face Cleanser For Oily Skin
It’s perhaps one of the best hydrating and reparative serums I’ve ever used.
Indie Beauty Awards: The Best Anti-Aging Treatment
Eye Bags? Twice a day, use an eye gel that contains peptides to help strengthen and tighten skin. Cooling eye gels can de-puff and brighten tired eyes.
I really love the benefits in all of Dr. Loretta’s products, but this brightening cream is a must-have. Your skin starts to discolor as it ages, and this stuff is magic in helping prevent and reverse it.
This serum from dermatologist Loretta Ciraldo, MD, is packed with lilac stem cells to control excess oil, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate to brighten the skin, and marine extracts, which increase collagen and elastin.
These peel pads will give your complexion a total detox without any sign of irritation. Sensitive skin types, these are for you.
Retinol helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, even out discoloration, brighten skin tone, reduce acne, and make pores appear smaller. This formula is rich in natural oil to help offset any irritation or dryness.
Expert-approved ways to protect your face while you fly. Seal hydration in and keep dry air and germs out.
The inflammatory response that blue light incites can exacerbate redness and set off enzymes that break down collagen and elastin proteins. That structural degradation is what contributes to fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. Ingredients like Lipochroman have been tested against blue light and may offer added protection.
This sweet-looking pink bottle is packed with a highly concentrated form of vitamin C — which not only brightens the skin, but eliminates redness. The moisturizer also protects skin from environmental free radicals and damage.
My skin immediately looks crazy bright and feels super soft every time I use these pads. You’re nourishing the skin while getting off all the dry, dead skin cells.
Specially formulated to fight the hyperpigmentation and wrinkles caused by your late-night Chardonnay-and-online-shopping sesh. Bonus: The soft-pink packaging is too pretty to keep in a drawer.
Exfoliating your skin can do wonders for your complexion. This chemical exfoliant uses salicylic acid to remove impurities and prevent breakouts, while the coconut oil restores moisture to your skin.
A miraculously effective moisturizer that will leave your skin firm, plump, and rejuvenated. Try it out for some self-care.
Be sure to toss any face washes with drying ingredients, like fragrances or additives, in favor of those formulated with chamomile or oatmeal. [Choose a cleanser] that won’t strip skin of its natural oils, which are needed to protect overall moisture.
Flawless finds from the W* beauty desk. In a bid to turn back the clock, Dr Loretta Skincare keeps skin unexposed from the elements to reveal its youth.
You should wash your face twice daily and directly after exercising to clear your skin of microscopic pollutants before they penetrate and damage deeper layers of skin that can lead to age spots and wrinkles.
Twice-a-day cleansing removes the pollutants and irritants that our skin is exposed to 24/7 — even when we sleep, Ciraldo tells Allure, citing indoor pollution, oils, and irritants that build up on your pillowcase as reasons why you want to wash your face in the a.m.
Clearly, anti-pollution products — just like pollution itself — aren't just a fad. We know that exposure to pollution can have significant impact on our skin. The most important thing we can do is protect the skin as part of our daily routine.
There is mounting evidence that supports [blue light's] contribution to photo-aging, including wrinkles, worsening skin laxity, and hyperpigmentation.
Skincare Items Totally Worth The Price Tag. If you’re on a budget or looking to selectively splurge, these are the best of the best.
These two incredible women have created a powerhouse of a brand. From its slick packaging to impressive list of active ingredients, this is a brand I keep stocked in my vanity and packed in my suitcase. The formulations are cutting-edge.
Best cleansers for dry sensitive skin: Formulated with marine peptides to boost hydration and chamomile essential oils to nourish and soothe redness and irritation.
The potent product contains 20% L-ascorbic acid ("the most clinically tested and proven effective form of vitamin C," says Ciraldo), and the texture is water-free and velvety, so it works beautifully under makeup.
Expert-Approved Anti-Pollution Skincare Ingredients. The synthetic, vitamin E-based antioxidant lipochroman, was specifically designed to fend off pollutants.
Acne-fighting cleansers are usually so drying that they make me nervous, but the combination of moisture-retaining ingredients in this one intrigued me. It is phenomenal. In the mornings after I use it, I find that I wake up with smoother, brighter, and less inflamed skin.
Best Fall Face Moisturizers To Keep Your Skin Hydrated All Season. These ingredients can help prevent and repair damage caused by sun, pollution, and even the light emitted from our phones, tablets, and computers.
After cleansing, adding a small amount of Dr. Loretta's super-hydrating serum will soothe and balance flushed skin.
Best skin care lines developed by dermatologists: Dr. Loretta Ciraldo is a sought-after dermatologist who first studied the effects of UVA rays on skin in the 70s. She believes that it is time to look beyond photoaging and see how other elements in our environment affect our skin.
Digital age skincare to shield you from HEV. Chromabright®, the proprietary vitamin E derivative in this skin hydrator, fades irregular pigmentation while shielding against further complexion issues.
Best Beauty Gifts: This gentle serum by Dr. Loretta (a dermatologist herself), delivers a cocktail of effective ingredients in an ultra-hydrating formula. The luxurious blend of oils will bring out the best of any skin type.
They have put immense thought into each product, from the ingredients in the formulas, to the packaging it arrives in because they believe that greatness is in details and they want to ensure your skin receives the best treatment.
Luxurious Skincare Swaps for Fall.
Blue light from the sun and our digital devices can cause even more pigment and redness than UVA. So look for products that contain blue light protection and use them even when you’re indoors.
New brand shields skin from one of our biggest daily aggressors: indoor and outdoor pollution (everything from nicotine to car exhaust). Dr. Loretta's no foam Gentle Hydrating Cleanser has hydrolyzed algin, an ingredient that absorbs particulate matter that clings to skin.
Treat your skin to any of these products before the weather starts to chill. You’ll congratulate yourself for being ahead of the game. For those days when your skin has rough texture and dry patches, use this firming moisturizer.
Glowing skin and glowing reviews for Dr. Loretta Skincare. Each multitasking treatment is loaded with medical-grade ingredients and therapeutic oils. A star of the regimen is a powerful retinol serum that boosts the natural repair process, leaving skin smoother, fresher and firmer.
Using a salicylic acid wash is terrific for acne, so keep one in the shower and wash with it. You can use this product like a mask, leaving it on chest for three minutes and then washing off with lukewarm water.
Pamper Yourself With Ultra-Luxurious Skin Care. Dr. Loretta's Anti-Aging Repair Serum is packed with vitamin C, white lilac stem cells and marine algae extracts improve skin’s appearance.
Peptide-Powered Skincare for a Younger-Looking Complexion. One of most highly rated peptide products that will inspire you to make room on your vanity ASAP.
Super Serums: The year’s newest serums are potent enough to tackle skin’s biggest concerns. Dr. Loretta Anti-Aging Repair Serum helps keep skin taut.
For Dr. Ciraldo’s signature line, she turned to bio-identical skin lipids — they provide an instant moisture boost and leave skin feeling silky.
There are four main factors that contribute to common signs of skin damage, like wrinkles, age spots, redness, and rough texture. Dr. Ciraldo has super impressive credentials when it comes to skin protection. She created a product line that specifically addresses these four damaging factors [pollution, light, weather, irritants].
The Best Of Summer Beauty
Enhance your skin's ~natural glow~ in just une minute with Dr. Loretta Micro Peel Pads. They use 10% glycolic acid to dramatically exfoliate away dead skin cells and leave you with a brighter complexion. FYI, these are GREAT for oily skin! They also use algae peptides to moisturize while exfoliating.
The Dr. Loretta Gentle Hydrating Cleanser has marine algin that will absorb tiny pollution particles, so this is a true pollution detox step. It will also take off makeup, including eye makeup, and calm skin.
Using a 10 percent glycolic acid product regularly will offer the same kind of benefits you’d see if you went to your dermatologist for a higher-concentration peel on less frequent occasions.
A high-quality 20% vitamin C concentration that tingles just enough to let you know it's working. The dermatologist-founded brand has a ton of research behind it and is super results-driven.
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This chicly packaged brightening cream by the dermatologist-founded brand Dr. Loretta is a new favorite. The 20% concentration of L-Ascorbic acid [vitamin c] is super high quality, so you know you're getting the best antioxidant protection.
This potent formula was created to help tighten the skin and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots.
It important to use a sulfate-free cleanser, preferably one with hydrating essential oils and peptides.
Brit + Co Pick. Pollution can be more responsible than the sun for wrinkles and age spots. Her antioxidant, Lipochroman, protects the skin from three sources of aging pollutants — oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon free radicals.
If my skin needs a little more TLC, I’ll apply Dr. Loretta Intense Replenishing Serum and let that settle in. It really absorbs nicely and helps keep my skin hydrated.
Just as vitamin C should have a place in your morning routine, retinol should have a place at night. The vitamin A derivative works preventatively to fight wrinkles and boost collagen production.
Product innovation prioritizing properties like anti-pollution, detoxification and prevention against blue-violet light emitted by digital screens is being spearheaded by brands like Dr. Loretta.
If you invest in any skincare ingredient in the summer, let it be vitamin C. Look for serums with the ingredients L-ascorbic acid and tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, both effective forms of vitamin C which, when combined with SPF, double your sun protection.
Environmental aggressors can also make your complexion freak out. Pollutants cause the formation of free radicals, resulting in skin aging. Look for products with antioxidants like vitamin C.
Who is more objectively qualified to talk about skin, and skincare, than an MD who regularly sees patients, conducts laboratory research, and participates in clinical trials?
City Living May Be Wrecking Your Skin — Here's How to Fix the Damage. Dr. Loretta Gentle Hydrating Cleanser incorporates hydrolyzed algin, a marine ingredient that absorbs metals and other microscopic pollutants from the skin surface before they penetrate into skin.
These Are the Best Eye Creams for Fine Lines....It's extremely effective at lessening lines, puffiness, and dark circles.
Bring your winter-ravaged complexions back to life. Lilac stem cells have strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and cell regenerating activity and regulate sebum production.
Use this essential oil–infused cream morning and night to reverse fine lines, balance uneven skin tone, reduce redness and delete dryness while shielding your skin from UV rays, environmental pollutants and even the damaging light coming from your phone.
Dr. Loretta’s hero product, the Intense Replenishing Serum, is just what my skin needs to get out of its funk.
The Best Vitamin C Serums for Brighter, Tighter Skin. Dermatologists consider Vitamin C "one of the greatest anti-agers nature has produced."
Dr. Loretta fought med school misogyny in the 1970s to later create her own skin care line.
Welding the worlds of clinical and natural skincare….Powered by nature, proven by science.
The chamomile flower extract in the Gentle Hydrating Cleanser is very anti-inflammatory and soothing.
The products on this list excite me, they really, really excite. The line strikes the ideal balance of clinical and natural. The standout products are the Micro-Exfoliating Cleanser, which feels incredible on the skin; and the Intense Replenishing Serum, which works wonders on parched wintertime skin.