The recycling program.

At Dr. Loretta, we believe in transparency, always. The beauty industry generates over 120 billion packages every year, with 79% ending up in landfill. We've partnered with Pact to bring you a recycling program that actually works so you can rest assured your hard-to-recycle packaging is being diverted from landfill and processed properly.

What is Pact Collective?

Pact is a nonprofit collective driving towards systemic change to reduce beauty and wellness packaging waste. We encourage you to mail in 5-10 of your beauty empties (from any brand!) and Pact will break it down responsibly.

Together, we can close the gap on hard-to-recycle beauty packaging.

How it works.

Clean your empties
Be sure to properly clean out all your empties. If there's product left inside, they won't get recycled!
Fill out the form.
Fill out the form linked below to receive your complimentary shipping label.
Ship them out.
Attach your label to a box or envelope and send your 5-10 empties to Pact to get recycled.

Boxes should by 6" x 6" x 3" or smaller. Envelopes should be 8" x 12" or smaller. Not sure if your beauty product is recyclable? Check Pact's guidelines.