Dr. Loretta Loyalists

Become a Dr. Loretta Loyalist and earn points
while you shop your favorite Dr. Loretta products!
Earn points to redeem on future purchases,
receive a birthday reward, and so much more!



Sign Up

Earn 20 points when
you create an account.


Earn Points

Earn points every time
you make a purchase.


Redeem Points

Redeem points for
exclusive discounts.

how to earn points

1 Point for $1

For every $1 spent

5 Points

Like us on FB

5 Points

Like us on IG

10 Points

Sign up for newsletter

10 Points

leave a review

20 Points

create an account

30 Points

birthday reward

Give $15, Get $15


How to Redeem Points

100 points = $5
200 points = $10
300 points = $15
400 points = $20
600 points = $30
2000 points = Virtual consult with Dr. Loretta


How do I join?

Click 'Sign Up' on this page here. You will then be prompted to login to your Dr. Loretta account or to create a new account.

How do I earn points?

After creating an account, you can earn points by purchasing your favorite products, following us on Instagram, and more! Scroll up to the 'How To Earn Points' section of this page for more details.

How do I redeem points?

If you want to redeem your points, visit the ‘Available Rewards’ section on your Loyalist account page. And simply click the 'Get Reward' button on the Reward you are ready to redeem.

A discount voucher code will then be created and can be used at checkout. Your available voucher codes can be seen in the ‘Account Activity’ section on your Loyalty account page here when you click the ‘Complete’ Status button when you are signed in.

Can I combine my points with a discount code?

You will not be able to redeem your points and use a discount code at the same time.

Can I combine points if I'm purchasing a product on subscription?

No, you can not redeem your points on a subscription at this time.

Do my points expire?

Expiration Policy: We created our loyalty program to engage and reward our loyal customers. Points will expire if no order is placed in a 12 month period, or no points are redeemed in a 12 month period.

What happens to my points if I return a purchase?

All points earned from a purchase or product you are returning, will be deducted from your point count.

How do I check my points balance?

You can see your point balance when you’re logged into your Account Portal as well as your Dr. Loretta Loyalists page when you are signed in.